Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - Terrible customer service

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General Manager and sales manager were very rude after backing out the purchase of vehicle..immediatly said that i wasn't getting my deposit back...being very rude ...I've yet to get my deposit back

Product or Service Mentioned: Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge - 2012 Dodge Ram Review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Not resolved
Customer service
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I contacted several Dodge Jeep dealerships over the course of two days to see who could get my 2012 Dodge Ram in the repair shop as quick as possible, as the truck was experiencing some issues with the engine (engine light came on). On 9/29, after speaking with Mary in the Service Dept at the Dodge Jeep on US-78, I was told to come in that day for a diagnostic test and it would only take a day.

I took the car in that day, and 2 days later after calling and calling, I was told they hadn't had a chance to diagnose it, but would on 10/3. I called on 10/3, and was informed by Brad, they had been diagnosing it for several hours, but couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally on 10/5, I was informed the truck needed a fuel pump (ONLY). The parts had to be ordered, but should be in by 10/7.

After calling the entire week, I was told the parts had not come in, and they couldn't tell me when my truck would be ready. Finally on 10/13 after calling everyday, because the manager wouldn't call me unless I called him, I was told they were working on the truck and it would be ready on 10/14. However, on 10/15, Doug the service manager told me after I reached out to him for an update that the throttle body needed to be replaced. Why this wasn't determined with the first diagnostic test that took 3 days?

Not sure! Also, we will need to pay for spark plugs when I just had new plugs put on there, which I purchased myself the same day the truck went into the shop on 9/29. So needless to say, I had to pay for a rental for 2 weeks, which is every expensive. Now when it is time for me to submit receipts for reimbursement to the warranty company, I was told I would only get $100 back although the max is $250.

After speaking with the Claims Dept, I was informed based on the guide that determines how long repairs should take for my truck, which is 6.20 (equates to 2 days), that is why I am only getting $100 back. However, the truck was in their possession for 3 weeks, which means they were working on other cars as well as mine. Basically being greedy! What was my purpose of making an appointment?

When I called other shops such as the one in Mall of Georgia, I was told on 9/29 they couldn't get me in until 10/4, and now I see why. They were being honest, when I did take my vehicle in, they would give it the attention it needed. And to make things worse, when I picked up the truck today (10/15), I noticed it is still driving weird and stalls a little when turning the key over. I took a video, sent it over to the Service Manager Doug, however, he stated he couldn't hear the video.

After $300 to the rental company (enterprise) and over $400 to the repair shop, I need to be reimbursed more than $100. It is evident this shop should not be in business, as they are dishonest and only looking out for themselves.

Instead of telling me the truth, and saying it would be a certain time before they could look my vehicle, they lied to get my truck in the shop so they could get money off of it, and I am highly upset! I will go the every news station I have to, so no one has to go through what I went through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Customer service, Communication.

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